Electronic Media in the Classroom
EDMA 702

Instructor : Dr. Gary J. Senn, USC - Aiken, Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

Course Description:
In this course students will learn how to enhance the educational environment of their classrooms with electronic media. The electronic media includes laser videodisc, CD - ROM, digitized video, and hypermedia technology. The students will explore how they can incorporate into their classrooms a variety of prepared lessons that use electronic media. Additionally, students will develop their own lessons for their classrooms using electronic media.
Students in this course will use Hypermedia on Macintosh computers. Fluency with the Macintosh operating system and a working knowlege of HyperCard are prerequisites for this course.

Upon successful completion of this course the students will:
1. evaluate a number of lessons and lesson enhancements that use electronic media.
2. use a scanner to digitize video images to incorporate into electronic media lessons.
3. use CD-ROM technolgy to enhance student learning.
4. set up a laser videodisc system that will display images from a videodisc.
5. understand and use the functions of a laser videodisc player.
6. create level I laser videodisc lessons.
7. connect a laser videodisc player to a computer so that the computer can control the laser videodisc player.
8. understand and use Hypermedia.
9. create tutorial stacks using Hypermedia.
10. incorporate sound and digitized video into Hypermedia stacks.
11. create level III laser videodisc lessons using Hypermedia.
12. summarize 3 journal articles on electronic media in the classroom.

Laser videodisc player, remote control, bar code reader.
Developing videodisc lessons.
CD - ROM and digital scanner.
Authoring languages. Introduction to Hypermedia.
Creating interactive lessons (stacks).
Integrating the computer and the videodisc player.
Creating integrated lessons.

Course Evaluation:
Description / Points
Software evaluations / 100
Literature Reviews / 100
Laser Videodisc Lesson / 100
Hypermedia Lesson / 200
Integrated Laser Videodisc Lesson / 300
Final Exam & Presentation / 100

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