Technology and Instruction - AETE 731
Instructor: Dr. Gary J. Senn, USC - Aiken,
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Office Hours: Tuesday / Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Dates: Mondays, January 9 - February 27, 2006
Times: 3:15-7:15 p.m.
Course Fee:  Full Tuition
Location: J. D. Lever
Text: Various Handouts supplied by instructor.
Other Materials: Optional - Zip disk, SuperDisk, 3.5 in. Floppy disk

Course Description:

This course provides students with a survey of the instructional uses of computers and other technologies. Students will develop a thematic unit of instruction, which will determine the content of the course activities. Software relating to the theme will be selected and evaluated. Students will create technology-centered projects and use the Internet as a resource of information related to the theme.

Upon successful completion of this course the students will:

  1. Evaluate current issues and problems related to informational and instructional technology in educational settings.
  2. Recommend specific ways that computers can be used in the classroom today for improving instruction.
  3. Use and evaluate a variety of microcomputer productivity software applications, including integrated applications and appropriate educational software.
  4. Apply networked communications and information access resources such as the Internet and the World Wide Web to specific educational settings.
  5. Prepare materials for access and distribution via the World Wide Web.
  6. Develop instructional applications using presentation software.
  7. Use digital video editing software to develop a digitally enhanced video segment.

Course Topics

Teachers will develop a thematic unit of study and develop educational technology lessons that support the thematic unit. The technology components of the thematic unit do not necessarily comprise the entire set of activities for the thematic unit. A number of other traditional lessons will typically be used to support the unit in additional to the educational technology lessons.

Course Evaluation

Word Processor


Thematic Unit Proposal


WWW Personal Pages


WWW Lesson


WWW School Pages


Digital Video Activity


Digital Video Lesson


PowerPoint Activity


PowerPoint Animation


PowerPoint Lesson


Thematic Unit


Software evaluations - 3 (50 points each)


Journal Reviews - 3 (50 points each)


Final Exam & Presentation



A = 93 - 100
B+ = 89 - 92
B = 83 - 88
C+ = 78 - 82
C = 73 - 77
D+ = 68 - 72
D = 60 - 67

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