Making Science and Math Fun for Elementary School Students


The purpose of this standards based course is to enhance K-6 teacher content knowledge in science and mathematics and to provide instructional and assessment strategies that to make science and math fun and informative for their students.


The course participant will develop the skills to teach standards-based science and math effectively to all students in grades K – 6. Knowledge of both the National Standards and the South Carolina Academic Standards will be emphasized. Additionally, candidates will learn how to implement modifications and accommodations to help all learners succeed. Finally, candidates will learn strategies for successfully collaborating with other professionals in the field.

Instructional Objectives:

  1. Understand the meaning of and be able to implement the South Carolina Academic Standards in Science and Mathematics, including the Common Core State Standards.
  2. Use appropriate grade level instructional and assessment strategies that accommodate all learners.
Instructor: Dr. Gary J. Senn, USC Aiken
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