AEDS 446
Secondary School Curriculum
Spring 2002
Wednesday; 4:30-7:15, RPSEC Rm. 209

Mandy G. Senn
(803) 641-3752 (work)
(803) 643-0125 (work)
Office hours: by appointment
AEDS 446 Secondary School Curriculum: The organization, historical content, foundations for curriculum development, process of curriculum planning, design of the curriculum, and strategy of curriculum change in secondry school. Three (3) credit hours.
Pre-requisite: Admission to School of Education
Co-requisite: Practicum in Secondary School Curriculum
Open to juniors, seniors, and graduates completing certification requirements.
Course Goals and Objectives
The topics in this course will be structured around the following themes:
1. A conceptual framework of curriculum in the secondary school.
2. Curriculum development.

3. Philosophies of education.

4. Techniques of effective teaching.

5. Organization and content of the secondary school curriculum.

6. Evaluation of instruction, (ADEPT).

7. Current issues in curriculum.

After completing AEDS 446, you will be able to:
1. Compare and contrast the various ways curriculum is designed.
2. Define and give examples of the five concurrent curriculums.

3. Explain the ways that curriculum is influenced by changes in society.

4. Identify important names (contributors) in curriculum study.

5. Compare well-known school models in American education.

6. Evaluate South Carolina's Curriculum Frameworks and justify you opinion.

7. Use the "Criteris for Evaluation Mathematics Instructional Materials" to critique two textbooks. (Complete for science also.)

8. Compare and contrast the major beliefs of four philosophies of education.

9. Describe resource materials applicable to your subject area's curriculum.

10. Assess the effect of various standardized tests on your subject area's curriculum.

11. Take a pro or con position on national standards and their application to the secondary curriculum.

12. Analyze the challenges of the at-risk student and design a plan to address those challenges.

13. Evaluate the pros and cons of the Advaced Placement and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programs in the secondary curriculum.


Assignments and Grading:

Quizes (12 at 20 points each)


Names to Know


School Models


Text Evaluation - Math (2 at 50 points each)


Text Evaluation - Science (2 at 50 points each)


Notebook (Break check)


Notebook (End od semester)


National Standards Pro/Con Paper


At Risk Plan


Advanced Placement Pro/Con Paper


Standards Eval. of 2 Text: Math (100 pts each)


Standards Eval. of 2 Text: Science (100 pts each)


Final Exam


Grading Scale

93 - 100 %


90 - 92 %


87 - 89 %


82 - 86 %


78 - 81 %


74 - 77 %


70 - 73 %


< 70 %


Professional Requirements:

The development of high standards and attitudes is an important goal of this course as well as others in the USCA School of Education. Attendance, punctuality, and participation in class discussion and activities are certainly three areas where professionalism will be expected.

Students will be expected to produce high quality work as part of professional development. All assignments are to be typed or word-processed.

All students should be familiar with the USCA Code of Academic Conduct. Any evidence of violation of these standards will result in appropriate action by the instructor and possible dismissal from the professional program.

Please Note: Any student having a learning or physical disability which might affect performance in class, should inform the instructor.

Class Attendance and Make-up Policy:

  1. Class attendance is mandatory and punctuality is expected. Each class meeting constitutes 7 % of total class time. Absences may result in deductions from the overall grade equivalent to this percentage.
  2. Students are responsible for material covered in class during any absence. Moreover, absent students are expected to find out about any changes in scheduling or assignments that have been made.
  3. No late assignments will be accepted. If an absence is anticipated on the date an assignment is due, the student will be expected to get the assignment to the instructor.