Laughing Children
Like little laughing children,
The leaves danced o'er the lawn.
They skipped and tumbled gaily,
And in a thrice were gone! 

Their gowns of red and yellow,

Swished softly in the breeze,
And thousands more came tumbling
And twinkling from the trees.

It seemed I heard them giggle,

A tiny, crinkly sound.
It made me look and wonder
If children were around.
They rolled and turned and tumbled,
Before the autumn breeze,
While more and more came swiftly
Cascading from the trees.

A pantomime of autumn,
The sun was shining bright;
And glinted on the colors
Of merry leaves in flight.
But soon the show was over;
The wanton breeze was gone,
That sent the leaves of autumn
A-dancing o'er my lawn!
Dear Lord help us remember,
Life's summer slips away;
But we like leaves of autumn,
Can decorate each day.
In deeds of love and kindness,
By glowing with His love;
To brighten Earth with joy,
That sounds to heaven above!
- Elma Helgason

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