In this WebQuest you will review information about coins. When you have finished the WebQuest activities you will have reviewed everything you need to be successful counting money! Let's get started!


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  1. Where is money made? You will find out by taking a virtual field trip!
  2. Can you name each coin and tell how much it is worth?
  3. Can you count a group of coins?
  4. Can you make a money amount in the fewest coins?
  5. Can you make change?


1.Let's take a trip to see where money is made?

Next, take out your writing journal and write three facts you learned from "Birth of a Coin."

Write one opinion statement about the video "Birth of a Coin."

2. Now it is time to name the coins and get to know each one. Go to the link provided to view the coins and learn more about them. Begin by clicking on the link now.

Try this fun game to practice counting money! Click on the link to begin.

3. Print your own worksheet to practice counting coins. Click on the link and make some choices about what coins you want to count. Ask your teacher for help if you need to. You will earn 5 points for each worksheet printed and completed. Your goal should be to do one on each of the coins for a total of 20 points! Get started now.

4. Practice using a tree map to show what you know about how to count money. You need to make a tree map to show three ways to make 50 cents. Which way uses the fewest coins?

Draw this tree map in your journal. Use a highlighter to show the fewest coin group.

Challenge: Make a tree map for 1.00 dollar. Highlight the fewest coin example.

5.Now it is time to make change! Click on the link for a fun challenge.




Grading Rubric
Points Possible
Journal Activity Fact & Opinion

5 points for each fact

5 points for an opinion statement

Coin Worksheets
5 points per worksheet created and completed
Treemap Activity

5 points per change amount equaling 50 cents

5 points for highlighting the fewest coin amount

Challenge Treemap Activity

5 points per coin amount on map =one dollar

5 points for highlighting the fewest coins

Making Change Worksheet
1 point for each correct answer on the worksheet

Grading Scale

A 80-86 points earned

B 73-79

C 66-72

D 60-65

F less than 60 points earned

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