WebQuest For Ancient Egypt

This WebQuest is for Seventh Grade Created By: Mr. Harpine



Introduction | Task | Process | Conclusion |


Do you know what an archaeologist does? An archaeologist learns about the past by unearthing artifacts or items used by people in the past. This week you will become an archaeologist as we study Ancient Egypt.



You are an archealogist on an assignment. The local museum has hired you to learn important information. The task you have been assigned is to discover the secrets of the Ancient Mummies. You are assigned the task of discovering three things. First your employer would like you to discover the construction of pyramids and tombs. Secondly, you need to teach about the lives of the Pharoahs. Lastly, you need to learn about the mummification process.



Each person in your group is expected to submit a completed assignment. Read all of the instructions on this page before beginning your work.




Step One:

Review the following sites and write a summary of what you have learned. Use this graphic organizer to compile your information.


Step Two:

Create a diagram and explanation of an Egyptian Pyramid. Your explantion should be at least one page long and should cover the following points: Who, What, When, Where and Why it is historically important.) Your diagram should include at least five elements of a pyramid as seen on this site. Step Three: Use the diagram you created to build a pyramid from the paper template you have been given in class. (Teachers: a link to a template is here.) Step Four: Decorate your pyramid once it is assembled. Try to make the artwork and designs authentic to the time and place you are researching. Use this site to acquire the information you will need.



Step Five:

Create a short Powerpoint lesson about the lives of the Pharoahs. Your lesson should have five slides, three images, a title page, and a list of your sources. You should be prepared to give this presentation to the class.

Step Six:

Your Powerpoint must include information about four pharoahs. You may pick any pharoahs you want from this page. Research these pharoahs and write a one slide review of each pharoah. Your reviews must include the following points: Who, What, When, Where and Why the pharoah you chose was important. Step Seven: Present your lesson to the class. Each group will have five minutes. You need to follow the guidelines on this rubric.



Step Eight:

Today you will learn about the mummification process. View this site to learn about the process the Egyptians used.


Step Nine:

When you have finished viewing the site listed above complete the graphic organizer you were given in class. (Teachers: a link is here).

Step Ten:

Working with your group you will create a brochure explaining to tourists how the mummification process works.  Your brochure will include the following information...
The First Page: Title, Author (You), The Date Published (Today), and at least one picture
The Inside Page(s): A summary of what you have learned about mummification (who, what, when, where and why it is important).
The Back Page: Three additional pictures or diagrams


Congratulations, have now completed your work as an  archaeologist!  Make sure all of your work is complete and has been turned in.