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All wars throughout our world history have stemmed from at least two differing opinions, or points of view; thus resulting in a war. World War II is no exception to this rule. In fact, there were many more points of view in this war because it involved so many different ideologies, religions, beliefs, and practices throughout the world. When these ideas and beliefs begin clashing and infringing on others, war is usually the end result.


In this activity, each member will take on a role of an individual involved in World War II from various countries. In doing this, you will consume their point of view of the war itself through research and reflect this in writing an essay. In the essay, you should include reasons for the countries' involvement. Listed below are the individuals you may choose from to research and become!!

  1. American soldier stationed at Pearl Harbor during the attack
  2. American soldier fighting in the Pacific Theatre
  3. American soldier fighting in the European Theatre
  4. German Nazi soldier
  5. German citizen who does not follow Hitler
  6. Jewish child who is sent to a Concentration Camp
  7. Japanese kamakazee pilot
  8. Japanese pilot who attacked Pearl Harbor
  9. American woman as an Army nurse
  10. American woman who works in a United States' factory
  11. American child who participates in scrap drives, blackouts, and collects war bonds


Women and the war effort

Women and the war effort 2

Women in the military

American Homefront

American Homefront 2

American family

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