Underground Railroad Webquest


When you hear the name "Underground Railroad," does it make you think of a train that goes under the ground?
Do you think of a conductor and lots of passengers? Did you know that the Underground Railroad relates to slavery and has nothing to do with an actual railroad system? So what exactly was the Underground Railroad? Would you want to use it to get to freedom? This webquest wil help you to discover the answer to this and many other questions.



Your assignment is to read about the Underground Railroad and research the difficulties of participating in it. Then pretend you are a slave deciding whether to run away to freedom. Use what you know about slavery and the Underground Railroad to make your decision. Write a journal entry explaining your decision and the possible results of that decision.


      1. Read about the Underground Railroad (link is under the resources section).
      2. Read the information about Levi Coffin and Harriet Tubman (links are under the resources section).
      3. Make a list of the pros and cons of running away aboard the Underground Railroad.
      4. Write a one-page journal entry explaining your decision to stay or to run away.
        --Include what information led you to make that decision.
        --Include a description of what things may happen as a result of your decision.




Levi Coffin

Harriet Tubman



You will be graded according to a rubric.



It is easy to pretend, but imagine being a slave and actually having to decide whether or not to run away to freedom. The next time you hear someone say, "running away wouldn't have been that hard," tell them about what you have learned today!

What would you do? Choose Now!

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