"What's In Your Wallet?"

My name is Cheryl Zimmerman and I teach second grade at Millbrook Elementary School. My second grade class is comprised of thirteen boys and seven girls. We are studying money and invite you to join us as we spend our coins. Let's get started!

Count Your Coins Review

Use the coins given to you buy your teacher. Place the following coins on your work mat. What is their value?

4 dimes and 3 pennies=________________cents

3 quarters and 1nickel=________________cents

5 nickels and 6 pennies=_______________cents


Put Some Money In Your Bank!

Make the following money amounts using the fewest coins. A student will be chosen to draw the coins on the piggy bank (Smart Board) to check our answers.

  1. 43 cents
  2. 59 cents
  3. 78 cents

Click on the piggy bank to start shopping!

The Resource Page


http://rpsec.usca.edu//Classwork/731sp2008/Lesson/Zimmerman/sec2_1.html (March, 2008)

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