"What's In Your Wallet?"

Mrs. Zimmerman's second grade class at Millbrook Elementary School has had fun learning about money. The thirteen boys and seven girls in our second grade class would like to share some of our favorite web sites with you. On these sites you can have fun practicing your money counting skills or learn some interesting facts about money.

We hope you will enjoy these sites as much as we have. Have fun!

The United States Mint h.i.p. pocket change


This website is designed for children as well as teachers. There are games for students to enjoy while they practice identifying and counting money. There are also informative activities that integrate coins with social studies! Information about new coins and coin collecting is also available on this site.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing Youth Education


This site includes the following fun interactives:

Money Match Game A matching game for teachers to make for thier classrooms. Students match cards by the identifying details on the currency. This is a great cooperative learning activity.

Treasury Trivia Time This game is a treasure hunt and is designed to expose children to the new currency.

A Tour Through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing The history of U.S. currency and the process of making new currency is explored. The new twenty dollar bill is examined for design and security features.

Money Flashcards


The flashcards provide photo representation of real money for the children to count. The children should be able to use decimal points to write money values. The correct answer is shown with an explanation for each answer entered. This is a great activity for a second grade child who is up for a little challenge!

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