Hi, my name is Kay Usher. I teach fourth grade at Redcliffe Elementary. I currently have twenty-four brilliant children in my class. We love science and using the Internet to learn. At Redcliffe we are committed to learning. Our recipe for greatness is to work hard, work smart, and work together. So, put on your thinking cap and jump in to my web lesson.

Bodacious Biomes

In the fourth grade, we study life science. A large part of our studies focus on biomes. Here is a picture that gives the overview of the world's biomes. Can you name them? No? Don't worry, you will be able to name the biomes by the end of the lesson. Click on the link to the lesson below and let's get started!


South Carolina State Science Standard: 4-2.2 Explain how the characteristics of distinct environments (including swamps, rivers and streams, tropical rain forests, deserts, and the polar regions) influence the variety of organisms in each.

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