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My name is David Harpine and I was formerly a World Geography teacher at Walker Mill Middle School in Prince Georges County Maryland. I taught eight seventh grade courses on an alternating A day/B day schedule. These classes allowed students to study geography and history relating to the Eastern Hemisphere of the world. Topics in this course were covered by continent.

Using the Sites on the Links Page complete the following tasks. Before you begin, copy the KWL chart below onto your own paper and complete the first two columns.

On your own paper please copy these questions and write the answers in complete sentences.

1) Visit the NOVA page, and the Britiish museum page. Make sure to read the all of the material about pyramids. In one paragraph summarize what you have learned.

2) Why were the pyramids built?

3) Why were the pyramids important to the Ancient Egyptians?

4) What is Giza?

5) Who were the pharoahs?

6) What was the Middle Kingdom?

7) What was the Old Kingdom?

8) Who was Khufu?

9) What is a Mastaba?

10) Complete the "Challenge" activity on the British Museum page. Write the answer on your paper. Please show your work.

11) Now that you have finished these questions complete the last column of your KWL chart.

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