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My name is David Harpine and I was formerly a World Geography teacher at Walker Mill Middle School in Prince Georges County Maryland. I taught eight seventh grade courses on an alternating A day/B day schedule. These classes allowed students to study geography and history relating to the Eastern Hemisphere of the world. Topics in this course were covered by continent.

Answer all of the questions below in complete sentences.

1) Using the blank outline map you have been given, locate and label Egypt on the map of Africa.

2) Using the blank outline map of Egypt you have been given locate the following items and label them on the outline map you have been given...

Rivers and other bodies of water

Any Landforms (We studied what those are earlier this year, look at your notes!)


3)What is the climate like in Egypt? Use the climate map in your textbook to find out.


4) What types of Biomes might you see in Egypt? (We learned what those were earlier too, check your notes.)

5) Research Egypt's history using the websites on the links page. Explain what impact Egypt's geography has had on the countries history.

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