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For the last six years, my hobby has been school. My son-in-law says he is tired of me saying "I can't. I have homework to do."  To tell you the truth, I'm just as tired of saying it. 

My favorite hobby is reading!  I love to read historical romances. As lame as that sounds, it is one of my favorite things to do!

My husband decided on my birthday one year, I was going to take up fishing. He was kind enough to buy me a rod, tackle box and my fishing license. I go, but I have yet to catch anything. Personally, I think they buy their fish at the market and pass it off as their catch.

Traveling is something we would both like to do but there never seems to be enough time. We hope to buy a travel trailer this year and go away for some long weekends.  I guess we better get the maps out!

One of my "largest" hobbies is collecting Boyds Bears. Not only do I collect the resins and the stuffed bears but I also collect the Christmas decorations. My entire tree is bears but they must be Boyds Bears. My husband just shakes his head and says "since when does Santa care how the tree is decorated?"  Santa may not but I do. 

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