Lynn Way

Welcome to my web page!  The information on this page is only a small slice of my life but you may find some of the information useful, especially if you are planning on buying me a gift.

I recently graduated from college, December 2005, after going to school for "thirty" years. Yes, that's right, thirty years!  I started going to school in January of 1977 and did the unthinkable - I got married. If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would have finished school and then got married. Life sure would have been simpler.  Raising a family while taking classes was a challenge to say the least. Well enough of that and on with the rest of the information.

I have been married for 26 years to a wonderful man!  He is a saint, especially since he had to survive in a house with three women.  David is the rock of our family. He is the most level-headed, patient man on earth. Not only that, he pitches in with the housework and cooking!  What a man! 
David at wedding
We have two beautiful daughters who definately keep us busy. Amber, our oldest, graduated for USC Aiken with a chemistry degree. She is currently working for the forensics lab for Aiken County. We tease her often that we will be living with her when we retire.

Megan, our youngest, works at USC Aiken for Aramark. She married Chris Couch March 5, 2005. She and Chris have given us our first "granddog". Most people have grandchildren but we are happy having a granddog instead. Just throw her some treats and she is a happy camper.

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