Carla Autry

    I am a teacher at J.D. Lever Elementary.  I am currently teaching 43 fifth grade students.  Subjects that I teach include math, science, and health.  However, I constantly find myself including all the subjects as I teach.  Although I am currently in my second year of teaching, I feel that I have learned so many things that can only be gained through experience in the classroom.
    I am also a mother of two beautiful daughters.  Samantha is nine years old and is a current students at J.D. Lever Elementary.  She is a competitive dancer and consumes large amounts of my time as she pursues her true love, which ultimately makes me happy watching her enjoying her talent.
    My second daughter is named Breeanna.  Breeanna is a recent addition to my family.  She is five months old and is growing daily.  I found my favorite time to spend with her is first thing in the morning.  I get up at 4:30 to make sure that I have plenty of time to enjoy her smiles before we begin our day. 

This is a painting of balerinas.                                    This is a painting of a mother reading a book to a small child

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