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Children are my favorite people in the world.  Especially my kids!  They make my laugh and amaze me everyday.

Picture of kids.

Music, music, music... I love it all, jazz, bluegrass, rock, hip-hop, reggae, rockabilly, zydeco, jam bands, blues, etc.  My favorite types of music are live and loud.  I enjoy traveling to music festivals because it is a great way to see other places while visiting with new and old friends.  My favorite trip was to the New Orleans Jazz Fest.  I was able to experience the "Big Easy" before Hurricane Katrina changed it forever.  The last festival I attended was called Magnolia Fest in Live Oak, Florida.  The following table provides links to a few of my favorite festivals.

Festival Name
Link to festival web page.
New Orleans Jazz Fest
Merle Fest
Magnolia Fest

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