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USC Aiken has 68 student organizations for you to choose from. Stop by the Student Life Office to get more information about the club you are interested in or talk to your peers about the organizations they are involved in. Drop by for a meeting, meet new people and decide if this is the organization you want to be a part of!

Listed below are other organizations/events you can get involved in.

Pacer Union Board, affectionately known as PUB, is our entertainment board run by students for students. Their programs include comedians, mentalists, and motivational speakers. All events are FREE and open to all students.

Aiken Unplugged is a fairly new development for our campus. Aiken Unplugged brings many of the music acts to campus. Aiken Unplugged is not strictly music based, it has become an opportunity for many students to display their talents and let the campus community see what creative people we have. 

Traditional Events are events the University hosts each year. They include Water Fest, Fall Fest, Midnight Madness, Holiday Fest, Homecoming and Spring Week. Many of these events have daily activities that could range from quick service activities, drive-in movies, haunted hikes, caroling, or just stress relieving fun!

Leadership Programs are an important part of student development. We offer many opportunities for the student to develop their leadership style and to become comfortable with being a leader. Some of the programs we offer are Emerging Leaders, Leadership Retreat, Live-2-Lead and the Student Life Leadership Awards Banquet.

Intramurals is open to male, female and co-ed teams. Programs are run according to the season and last for a few weeks. The sports are constantly changing, so check out the website to see which ones you would like to participate in.

Student Government Association is part of our office. You will find a representative in our office every day.  SGA is the student voice on campus and enables students have an impact on policies that affect them. Elections are held in the spring with the terms running from fall semester through spring semester.

Greek Life is another program run from the Student Activities Office. We currently have eleven Greek organizations to choose from. If you are interested in learning more about Greek Life on Campus visit the website or stop by the office to visit with the advisor.

Community service is a major part of the campus' commitment to our surrounding community. Our Impact Team has at least one event every month varying from quick serve projects around our campus to day long events to our surrounding community. To learn more about the upcoming events visit the Impact Team's website.


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