If you feel that your child is not making the transition to college life, here are a few resources for you to use to help make suggestions when your child calls home for help.

There are over 68 student organizations on campus. A good way to find out what these organizations are all about is to go to the Get-on-Board Days that are held at the beginning of each semester. If your student did not attend this event perhaps you could suggest to your student that it might be a good idea for them to go to the Student Life Office and get some information about the different organizations. It would be a good idea for your student to attend one of the organization's meetings or talk to their friends to find out which organizations they have joined. Very few of the organizations require the students to pay dues and membership is open to all students.

Greek Life is another avenue your student may want to take. If your student has asked to join a Greek organization and you are unsure of the organization or just want a little more information, visit our Greek Life website to learn more. A Greek Forum is held at the beginning of each semester. During this forum each organization is introduced to the students and introductory sessions are held so your student can find out more information. If you student is interested in joining one of these organizations, there is a week of events that are held to help them make a decision as to which is the best fit for them.

If community service is a major part of your student's life than have them join our Impact Team. Our Impact Team has at least one event every month. Their projects vary from the campus community to our surrounding community. To learn more about the upcoming events visit the Impact Team's website.

Is your student too shy to join an organization? Do you feel they just need that extended hand to make the leap? Then contact the Student Activities Office at 803.641.3411 to get more information about the organizations. We can also provide the meeting times of the organization or provide contact information for the organization's advisor, so you can talk to them directly.

Transitions are hard for everyone and if you feel your student is not making the transition and needs someone to talk to our counseling center is a great place to go. The student may just need someone to talk to or just someone to listen to how they feel. Contact our Counseling Center.

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