Student Activities

I am the Administrative Assistant for Student Activities at the University of South Carolina Aiken. Student Activities' events are open to all students currently enrolled at USC Aiken. Our main goal is to help students find their niche at the University.  Student Activities is located in the Student Life and Services office in the Student Activities Center. Stop by the office or phone 803.641.3412 for information.

Why should you become involved in Student Activities?

Many times taking the first step is the most difficult but we are here to help with the journey. The Student Activities department is responsible for programming at the University. Each semester, our department sponsors programs that as a student you can attend free of charge. These programs help the you make the transition from high school to college; from new students to outstanding students; from outstanding students to leaders in the community. Our goal is to help you find something that will interest you while you attend our University.

The activities sponsored by our office aren't just for traditional students; non-traditional and family members can attend many of our programs. We want everyone to feel at home.


Your college experience should be one you remember a lifetime. Let us help you make the memories!


Parents and Non-traditional Students at USCA.

Making the Most of Your College Experience at USCA.

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