Making it Rain!


My name is Heather Hatton-Key, I currently teach first grade. I have included some realted books and links that I think would be beneficiary if teaching this unit in a first grade classrom. You may also be able to use these same resources for kindergarten or second grade students as well depending on the students.


Recommended Books:

Title Author Description
Cat and Mouse in the Rain Tomek Bogacki A cute book that suggests some fun games to play in the rain.
A Rainy Day Sandra Markle Explains how water is absorbed in some materials and repelled by others. This book also discusses the properties of rain and other interesting facts such as rainbows.
Down Comes the Rain Franklyn Branley Explains the water cycle in a fun way. This books also discusses changes in the vapor such as ice.
Rain Talk Mary Serfozo This is a fun book that focuses on the different sounds that drops of rain make on various items.

Related Links

Link Description
The Water Cycle Fun facts about the water cycle and weather. Includes photos, activities, and printable worksheets.
Concepts Describes each concept of the water cycle in detail.
Diagram Printable handout of water diagram that needs to be labeled.
Sourcebook The Water Sourcebooks contain 324 activities for grades K-12 divided into four sections

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