My name is Jamie Davis. I am a fourth grade teacher at Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary School. There are 11 girls and 7 boys in my class. This lesson is called Planets and Objects in Space.

Explain follwoing concepts with students by discussion:

Movment of planets:

Planets have two motions: rotation and revolution.

Each planet revolves in an elliptical orbit around the sun and rotates on its own axis.

All about the sun:

The star at the center of our Solar System is the SUN! It it the largest object in our solar system. It provides the most heat and light of or solar system.Sunspots are spots that appear darker than the rest of the sun. Prominences are shoots of gases that come out of the sun.

Discuss differences between:

Planets, asteroids, and comets are different in a variety of ways.

Name characteristics of these other objects in the solar system.


Text books


Model of solar system



Materials: Notecards, Markers, Encyclopedias, Text book

Directions: Write each plnet name on the front of the notecard and draw a picture of planet on the back. (Should have a total of 10 notecards). Line up planets around the sun in the correct order.

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