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I enjoy sailing.  I am a member of the Augusta Sailing Club.  My favorite boat to sail is a 19 foot 500 pound racing boat called a Lightning.  It has three sails. A jib, main and spinnaker.  My husband and I crewed on this three person boat for about 6 years.  My job as middle crew, was to trim the spinnaker. The spinnaker is the large colorful sail used in downwind sailing.  I have raced in three international lightning regettas against 500 boats from around the world.  The people you meet are wonderful and they are helpful if you have any boat problems.

The Augusta sailing club is a wonderful place to go with your family and learn to sail.  There are a lot of different kinds of boats other than a lightning to learn to sail.  There are a lot of events to attend as well as regattas through out the year.  Each October, we sponsor the Halloween Regatta.  People come to race from all over the southeast and as far away as New York.  It usually includes 3-5 races, food, music, and a costume party.  Lake Thurmond is a beautiful sight when all the boats are out racing.  You can have a good view from the East Dam Day area. 

lightning sailing under spinnaker

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