My favorite pastime is reading books.  I love to read a variety of genres and my favorite authors are James Patterson and John Grisham.  James Patterson has written many murder mysteries such as Along Came a Spider.   My favorite book that I have have read recently by Patterson is Susanne's Diary for Nicholas which is totally out of character for him.  This book is a love story and there were many moments when I cried.  This is not the traditional love story, but a book full of intrigue and endearment. 

As a fourth grade teacher, I enjoy reading many novels to children.  My favorite novel to read is Bridge to Terabithia.  This book is about friendship, loss, and unconditional love.  My favorite picture book is Stellaluna.  This book is about a baby fruit bat that gets separated from her mother.  This story reaches across the curriculum and deals with migration, adaptation, and instincts.    stellaluna

  In addition to novels in the secular sense, I have also read all of the books in the Left Behind series.  I am looking forward to the next book in this series which is due out this spring.  I enjoy reading the Bible and learning more about God and His purpose for my life.  In fact, my pastor has challenged the church to read the Bible completely in a year.  He provided a guideline to go by in order to achieve this goal.  I am still on course and have discovered many things that I had either forgotten or never knew at all.

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