Lesson Title: Molarity

We are going to learn about molarity, what it is, how we convert weight of substance to molarity and how we make molarity calcualtions.

This class has a background in chemistry but not in chemical calculations,

Think of the mole as an animal. We start with the weight of the reactant substance. We decide whether to multiply or divide it by the reactant molecular weight so that the mole can get smaller to fit into the mole tunnel which is under the equation. The correct answer is divide because we get a smaller number. We put this number under the equation (the mole tunnel). We then multiply by the coefficient of the product substance divided by the coefficient of the reactant (The mole passing through the tunnel). The mole then emerges from the tunnel and gets bigger. We multiply or divide by the product molecular weight to get a bigger number. The answer is multiply because that gives us a bigger number. This number is the weight of product created by the given weight of the reactant assuming the reaction goes to 100% completion


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