Daily Life

Egyptian farmers
Egyptian brickmakers
Egyptian servant

Most Egyptians were farmers. They lived in towns along the Nile River. Their homes were made of mud bricks, and poor families’ houses usually only had one room.

Wealthy Egyptians had servants to do their cooking, washing, and other chores. The poor did not have any servants.

Egyptians cared about the way they looked. Wealthy Egyptian men and women wore eye makeup and wigs. They also wore necklaces, bracelets, and rings. They loved perfume and liked to rub good-smelling oils and creams on their skin.

Their clothing was white and loose fitting. They hardly ever wore shoes. Young children in Egypt didn’t wear any clothing at all.

Senet game
Most children did not go to school. Young children played with spinning tops, balls, dolls, and wooden animals. Children and adults liked to play a board game called senet.


The Egyptians kept animals as pets, and they loved them very much. When a family’s pet cat died, the whole family shaved off their eyebrows to show their grief!

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