Jennifer Knox
Millbrook Elementary School
First Grade

I am a long-term substitute teacher for a first grade class at Millbrook Elementary School.  I have 14 students in my class.  This lesson is one part of a unit of study about objects in the sky. 

Objects in the Sky: Sun, Earth, and Moon

Moon Facts

1)There is no air or water on the moon.

2)There is no gravity on the moon.

3)The moon orbits the Earth.

Earth Facts

1)Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.

2)Earth is the only planet to have plants, animals, and people living on it.

3)The Earth is the only planet to have water on it.

4)The Earth is made up of mostly water.

5)Earth has one moon.

6)The Earth is made up of solids (dirts, rocks, etc.) and liquids (water).

7)The Earth has gravity. It keeps us on the ground.

Sun Facts

1) The sun is a star closest to the Earth. It shines all the time.

2) The sun is made up of super hot gases. The hottest part is the center.

3)The Earth circles, revolves, around the sun.

4) The sun gives off heat and light for the Earth.

5) The Earth needs the sun in order to survive.


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