Mrs. Pam Brooks' Fourth Grade

Redcliffe Elementary School

The American Revolution: The Major Battles

The American Revolution was a result of many circumstances that dramatically affected the thirteen colonies. The colonists had been subjected to various taxes such as the Stamp Act which forced them to pay taxes on practically everything they purchased from Britain. The colonists were also responsible for paying for the French and Indian War. Many of the colonists became disgruntled and angry. Consequently, about one-third of the colonial population remained loyal to the British government during this time of protest against British control. People that remained loyal to the king were called Loyalists or Tories. The Loyalists influence was strongest in the middle and southern colonies with the exception of Maryland and Virginia. The majority of the Loyalist were wealthy landowners. Many Loyalists left the colonies and others joined the British Army in the colonies. The colonists that wanted to create a new nation were called Patriots. There were many battles in the American Revolution, beginning with The Battle of Lexington and Concord Subsequent battles were The Battle of Bunker Hill, The Battle of Saratoga, and Battle of Yorktown.


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