Mrs. Pam Brooks' Fourth Grade

Redcliffe Elementary School

The American Revolution: The Major Battles

The Battle of Saratoga


Another major battle site in 1777 was in a village on the western bank of the Hudson River in eastern New York. Benjamin Franklin went to Paris, France to talk to the French about helping with the war effort. Although the French were eager to see the American colonies win the war, they felt the colonists did not have much of a chance of winning. then came news of the colonists great victory at Saratoga. More than 5,000 British soliders under General John Burgoyne had moved south from Canada, hoping to cut the colonies in two. Instead on October 17, 1777, the British lost to the American soliders under the command of General Horatio Gates. the colonists' victory at Saratoga showed the French that the colonists stood a chance of winning the war. France and other colonists began sending weapons, ships, and soliders to help the colonists.


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