Mrs. Pam Brooks' Fourth Grade

Redcliffe Elementary School

The American Revolution: The Major Battles

The Battle of Bunker Hill


In June 1775, the colonists learned that the British intended to occupy the hills of Dorchester near Boston. Colonel William Prescott, Major-General Israel Putnam, and Colonel Richard Gridley, and engineer, hurried to take the high ground on the Charles town peninsula, with a force of 1200 men working day and night to fortify Breed's Hill, next to Bunker Hill. Although colonists lost the battle, they surprised the British soliders with their ability. More than 1,000 British soliders were wounded or killed compared to 441 colonists wounded or killed. The Battle of Bunker Hill was among the fiercest battle of the whole war. It was so fierce that to save bullets, the colonists were ordered "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes." The colonists drove the British back twice before running out of bullets.


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