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Jim McNeill's Web Page

    My name is Jim McNeill. I am a student in AETE 731. I teach 9th grade world history and geography at Silver Bluff High School. I am married to Bonnie. She is a band and SOAR teacher at New Ellenton Middle School. We have two daughters. My youngest is a third grader and my oldest is a senior. My life, at least for the moment, revolves around school and more school. We are also currently living through the "where do I go to college?" experience with our oldest child. The colleges in question have accepted her. But she is still waiting for the rest of any possible scholarship offers. I am grateful that I have 8 years before I have to go throughout this experience again. My 3rd grader is doing well and is a delight. I am in my 20th year of teaching and love what I do. I also have some terrific students.  But...there are still days I'd love to pinch their little heads off!

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