Howard's hobbies

My hobbies include reading.  I read two newspapers a day.  I also like to watch sports.  I watch every sport.  My favorite sport is ice hockey.  I watch all the hockey games on television.  My favorite team is the New York Islanders who play in Long Island, New York at the Nassau Coliseum.  I have been following them since 1973 when they first came into the National Hockey League.  I like playing hockey better than watching hockey.  I played hockey in college, and after I graduated college.  Now I don't have time to play hockey.

I also like to exercise.  By exercising I am able to stay in shape.  It is also good for relieving stress.  I go to the gym at least three times a week.  I usually do the bicycle for thirty minutes, and the treadmill for ten minutes.  I go the gym here at USC-Aiken, since I am a student I get to go for free.

I also like to relax by watching television at night.  Besides sports some of the shows I watch are E.R., Law & Order,  Married with Children, and Professional Wrestling.

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