Brown Cow Hobbies

Are you kidding-- I have two kids under 5...I have no hobbies!!

Hobbies I used to enjoy include writing short fiction, cooking unedible meals, gardening, web design and -- yep, 'cause I didn't grow up on a farm, but I've seen them on TV-- ALL THINGS COW.

Want to know way too much about cows? Visit some Cool Cow Sites!
I often ask myself, what about militant cows? For answers I go to Cows with Guns.
And let's face it, since I'm obviously Crazy for Cows, it sometimes occurs to me that it would extra cow cool to be able to say the word COW in...I don't know...539 different languages. I visit Just Cows for help. And when I think to myself, "computer programming and cows . . .yeh. . . ." I take myself to a place known simply as The Cows. And finally, like any good mama should, I like to keep up to date on what's good for my little calves at home. I keep myself mentally fit (sort of) by occassionally taking the Moo Milk Quiz!

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                       (January, 2003)
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