Allison's Brown Cow

It's late.  It's dark.  It's Thursday.  A cow moos in the distance.  My name is Allison Brown-Owens.  By day I am your friendly Career Services Coordinator-- you know, the lady who helps you fine tune that resume, teaches you not to fidget during interviews and makes fast friends with local employers in the hopes that they'll hire you some day. By night, though, I am a student, a wife, a mom...and by some accounts, your average Girl Friday.  As you may have noticed, my favorite past time is entertaining myself, which is tied only by the enjoyment I derive from entertaining my children.  Jackson is 4 years-old and precocious.  Ana Grace is 5 months old and in awe of the world around her, unlike her mother who is in awe of the fact that she's able to get up every morning and "function."  I also have several pets: Bronte, our Golden Retriever, Chaucer, our Basingi, Pugly. the Pug, and Miss Kitty, our Cat.  We ran out of creativity as we accumulated members of the family.  My husband is Ed.  Ed thinks he knows everything, and I find it useful to allow him this pleasure.  We should all have dreams, after all.

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