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Teacher:    Kari Heiens

Class:       Introduction to Computers

Lesson:     How to Properly Format Simplified and Standard Memos

Students will be introduced to memos.  Areas to be learned include margins, letter parts for simplified versus standard memos, and correct spacing of the memo.  All memos have a top margin of 2 inches, a bottom margin of 1 inch, and side margins are 1 inch.  In a simplified memo letter parts include the date, addressee, subject, body, writer's name, and attachment or enclosure if needed.  The spacing of of simplified memo is as follows:  quadruple space after the date and the body, double space after the addressee, subject, and writer's name.  The body paragraphs of a simplified memo are single spaced with a double space between.

A standard memos letter parts include to, from, date, subject, body, and reference initials.  The body is single spaced with a double space between.

Students will complete Unit 10 in their keyboarding books, which teaches them how to properly format simplified and standard memos.  The books works through Lessons 45-47.  After completing Lesson 47 students will be assessed on memos.

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