Required Courses for College Admission

I am Sandy DeWitt and I have worked in college admissions at USC Aiken for 10 years.  This lesson is intended for parents of nineth grade students.  After reviewing this lesson the parents will know exactly which courses are required for admission to USC Aiken.

4 Units of English - English I, II, III, IV

4 Units of Mathematics - Specifically Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.  The fourth unit may be any math course, however, it is preferred that students study upper level math courses.  Some examples are Algebra III, Calculus and Statistics.

3 Units of Lab Science - Choose from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  At least two areas must be represented.  A fourth unit of lab science is strongly suggested.

2 Units of Foreign Language - Both units must be from the same language.

3 Units of Social Studies - One of them must be US History.  Economics and Government are suggested.

4 Units of Academic Electives - Choose 4 courses from 3 different academic areas.  The areas are English, Advanced Mathematics, Computer Science, Lab Science, Foreign Language, and Social Studies.

1 Unit of PE or ROTC


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