My Hobby Page

I have two main hobbies: building  and repairing computers and growing, collecting and raising orchids.

I really enjoy playing around with computer hardware and upgrading PC computers (the superior kind).
I keep up with the lastest releases in hardware and try them out whhen I can afford them. I probably spend
too much money on that.  My wife is deep into crossstitch while I'm browsing for the latest motherboard.

My wife and I both like to play with the plants in our large greenhouse (about 44X44').  We buy lots of
orchids, some community pots and flasks, and have recently begun hybridizing some of our own clones.
We also garden outside on our 15 acres growing a wide variety of plants many of which we used to use
for propagation purposes when we operated our own commercial greenhouse and nursery a number of
years ago.

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