Vicki Newman's New News

   Welcome to my very first personal web page.  My name is Vicki Newman.  I am taking a graduate course called Instructional Technology.  I currently teach third grade at North Augusta Elementary in North Augusta, South Carolina.  I am persuring my Masters degree in Elementary Education.  I have been teaching for eight years.
     I have a wonderful family.  My husband and I have been married for fourteen years.  We have two children.  Our eleven year old son is named Craig, and our five year old daughter is named Chelsea.  Craig is in the fifth grade this year.  He has had the distinguished honor of never making lower than an A.  Of course this makes his mother very proud.  Chelsea is in kindergarten this year.  She attends school where I teach.  She is very outgoing and has made outstanding accomplishments as well.  She is reading numerous words and she recently made the 100 Book Club.  We enjoy many activites together which leads me to telling you about my hobbies.

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