Vicki Newman's Hobbies Page

     I like to do many things.  My favorite thing to do is swim.  We have a pool and go to the beach often during the summer so having a teaching postition is wonderful to keep my happy during the summer.  Myrtle Beach is my favorite place to visit.  I dream of suddenly becoming rich one day and buying a beach house for everyone to visit.
     Reading is another hobby that I enjoy.  I like to read book that have current settings for enjoyment. I enjoy sharing books with my students on a daily basis.  They love when I read aloud to them.   My favorite children's book is Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridgeby Mem Fox.
     I enjoy discovering new things on the computer.  I find it  entertaining and educational.  I am very pleased with myself when I uncover a new idea that I can use in my classroom or get an awesome deal on an item that I really want.

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