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       When I have spare time I enjoy many types of art, like pottery, working with clay, Painting and drawing.  I also enjoy being outdoors playing boccie ball and tennis.  I am learning how to golf and I only hope no one is watching!  After a hard day of work or play a trip to the Jacuzzi or Spa is always nice.  One of my favorite things is a spa bath!

        You would think that being a teacher I would get tired of learning but I love to know more about my subject area and technology.  I wrote a Target 2000 grant to get more technology in the art room.  Wacom makes an awesome drawing tablet, it acts like pencil and paper and then you can manipulate the art materials.  The drawing tablets come with painter classic and adobe photo shop two excellent cd's for the artist in you! Visit Wacom to see the latest in Technological art tools.

        My husband and I also enjoy Renassiance/ medieval fairs.  We are both Scottish and enjoy dressing up in kilts and "traveling" back in time for shows and games.  We showed this side of our personalities in our wedding.  The men all wore kilts, Criag had his sword and we drank form chalices.  It was the perfect us.
        My mother in-law sells Longaberger and  caught my attention with these beautiful handmade, USA made baskets.  I now sell as well as collect Longaberger.
  This is the spring basket with the wood divider.  A great basket to use in the kitchen or bathroom.
This is the home office made like the market basket.  The largest basket in the world.  The handles weigh about 750 tons.  Visit the longaberger website it is awesome what they  do in Dresden, Ohio.

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