Kessler's Kingdom

Well Hey there!

    I'm Sherry and I am privileged to be married to Craig Kessler for two years now.  We moved from Valley City, Ohio to Aiken, S.C. for Employment in education.  He teaches English, broadcast journalism and coaches girls JV basketball for South Aiken High School.  I am from Lexington, S.C. and my family still resides there.  We are a close family and enjoy being near each other.  We are also close to the family in Ohio but distance makes it difficult.  We make every effort to see each other as often as possible, my in-laws travel down quite a bit and we spend some of the summer up there.  I am very blessed to have such a great extended family.

   We have one child Skeeter our mixed dog.  She is so ugly she's cute.  She is currently going threw heart worm treatment and we are praying she'll be okay and not to made at us when she returns.  If so we'll never be able to put things on the floor or couch - pillows on the floor!  She can have a temper trantom.

 I'm mostly called The Art Teacher but every now and then it's Mrs. Kessler.  I tutor kids after school in art lessons and work on Character Education for both of my schools.  Yes that was two.  I teach at Jefferson Elementary and Warrenville Elementary in the valley.  I instruct about a thousand students a week  in Kindergarten through Fifth grade.  I love what I do, just wish I had more time with them.  They  would like it too!

So, be an Arts Advocate!  The NAEA is fighting to put a full time teacher in EVERY school and I could sure use your help!  Write, call, e-mail, and yell at your senator and representative to give education what it needs - funding and full time specials.

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