Sandra Gladden's Personal Page

I am a person who wears many hats depending upon what time of the day it is.

Early in the morning I spend hours working on stuff for school and doing all the home things that I was too tired to do the night before.

Throughout the day I am a high school science teacher who believes in lots of hands-on activities. Events in my classroom could often be described as organized chaos.  You can read about Strom Thurmond High School , where I teach, on the WWW.

Sometimes I take classes that will hopefully make me a better teacher.  Many of the classes are offered at the Ruth Patrick Education Center.

In the evenings I cook, shuttle kids, do laundry, watch the news on TV, read the newspaper, clean, feed pets, etc.

Most of these are things that I do because they are worthwhile.  Some of these things are enjoyable.   But there are other things that I like to do that are just for me.  Click on my hobbies page. (January, 2002)

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