Jody's Hobbies!       
I am an avid outdoorsman. I love to hunt and fish. I mainly hunt for Whitetail Deer and the Eastern Wild Turkey. I had a good harvest of deer this year. My freezer is full of lean fresh venison. I had a great relaxing time afield. I look forward to the turkey season that starts this March. To me turkey hunting is generally more exciting than deer hunting. One reason is attributed to the resounding call of the majestic mature Tom. The ability to locate and coax him in to your shooting zone is quite thrilling.

I also love other more active sports such as soccer, softball and golf. Unfortunately, all the years of playing high impact sports have taken its toll on my joints. I am unable to do many of the things I used to enjoy. I guess that's one reason why I sit in a deer stand so long.

I also like to cook and eat!

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