My name is Deaidra Walker and I work in Richmond County. I am a Resource Facilitator for the Ga-Pre-K program .I'm a facilitator in a collaboration with the
CSRA Headstart Program. I work between two schools Collins And Wheeless Rd. both schools have two Pre-K classes. Therefore i work with 80 students, and
4 teachers.

Martin Luther King Center Atlanta, Ga

Dr Martin Luther King

His Life

    Dr. martin Luther King ,Jr. was born to Rev. and Mrs. Martin Luther king ,Sr. (former Alberts Christine Williams) in Atlanta , Georgia. In the years 1935-1944 Dr.King attended David T. Howard Elememary School ,Atlanta University Laboratory Scool, and Booker T. Washington High School. He passes the entrance examination to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia Without graduating from igh school. in 1947 Dr. King was licensed to preach. On Febuary 25th 1948 Dr. king was ordained to the baptist ministry and appointed associated pastor at Ebenezer. In June of the same year Dr. King graduated from Morehouse College with a BA  degree in Sociology, In September of that same year Dr.king entered Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester,Pennsylvana. After hesring Dr. A.J. Muste and Dr. Mordecai W.Johnson preach on the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, he begins to study Gandhi Seriously. In1951 May 6-8- Dr. King graduates from Crozer with a Bachelor of Divinity degree. June 18, 1951 Dr. King marries Coretta Scott in Marion, Alabama. The marriage ceremony took place on the lawn of the Scott's Home in Marion Alabama. Four children were born to this union Yolanda Denise, Martin Luther III, Dexter Scott, Bernice Albertine .
    Dr. king was awarded several Honorary Degrees the out his quest in life. From September 1954 to November 959, when he resigned to move to Atlanta to direct the activities of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  From 1960 until his Death in 1968, he was co-pastor with his father at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Dr.  king was a pivotal figure in the Civil Rights Movement.


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