Rainforest Animals

I am a teacher at North Aiken Elementary.  Our class is studying Rainforests.  This page is part of our study.

The rainforest is home to more animals than any habitat on Earth.  Here are just a few that live there.  


The sloth is one of the biggest and slowest leaf-eaters in  the rainforest.  It lives in the canopy layer.  There it has a vast supply of food and water.  The sloth is a very slow moving animal.  To save energy, it sleeps 16 hours a day!



The Jaguar is a climbing cat that lives is the rainforest.  It spotted yellow and black coat makes it camouflage well.  It almost seems to disappear in the sunlight.  The jaguar lies in wait for its prey in the trees--and then it pounces!  They prey on small birds, mice, and lizards.


There are many different kinds of frogs in the rainforest.  They are very colorful.  These tree frogs have sticky suction pads on their toes to hold on to slippery branches.


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