Lee King
Fifth Grade
Wheeless Road Elementary



Question:  When did World War II begin and why?

World War II began Sept. 3, 1939.  Germany, Italy, and Japan had already began taking over other countries.  The invasion of Poland by Germany was the last straw for Britain and France.  Fearing that they would be next, the British and French declared war on Germany.


Question:  Who was Germany's leader during World War II and what was Germany's reason for starting the war?

Germany was ruled by a dictor named Adolf Hitler.  Hitler believed that Germany had gotten a bad deal after World War I and had convinced the country that they should expand according to the Nazi policy of lebensraum.

Question:  Why was Germany allowed to take over both Austria and Czechoslovakia without a fight?

Great Britain and France did not want to repeat the bloodshed of World War I.  They believed they could avoid another world war by appeasing Hitler with a few concessions.  They had not clearly understood that Hitler's goal of land acquisiton was much larger.

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