Portraits in Medieval Times

Art Educator Sherry Kessler
Warrenville/Jefferson Elementary Schools
January 2002

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Sites about the medieval time period and art:

Web Museum is a museum in Paris, France.  They offer a gallery in medieval art .  The selection is an illustrated calendar.  You can see images of people in medieval life.

Life in medieval times is a great site because it was made by kids for kids.  You can find a lot of information about what life was like in the medieval times.

Gander academy's Medieval Times is an excellent site because it was also made by kids for kids.  It explores the history, knights, castles, life, clothing, shield, pastimes, technology, music, weapons, and authors of the medieval times.  As well as access to clip art and famous middle agers medieval list.  This is the best site that I have found.

Follow Marcus the mouse to explore an enchanted castle.  Ghost in the castle!  Castle dwellers still haunt these halls, poke around each room for a surprise.

To read about times of old in a new way this site is awesome! Travel to days of old uses rhyming to tell it's story.

Sites on how to draw portraits:

Art Drawing & Painting Lessons shows how to use geometrical forms, how to draw and paint portraits, and gives the secret of getting body proportions correct.  A wonderful place to go to learn how to draw!

How to Draw by Brandi Jasmine teaches basic portraiture.  She gives you step by step instruction and you can choose who to draw a woman or mans faces, front or side view.

How to draw a portrait in proportion with guidelines is a way of drawing faces from inside out.  If you have difficulty drawing faces try this approach!

Go to this site to learn how to draw faces (more advanced). Drawing the face by Bennecelli is a site that will walk you through how to draw a face.

Go to Portraits 1 for clues and drawing information in portraits of the medieval time.

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(January, 2002)
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