Linking to Sites Related to the Seven Continents

Lesson Objective:  The students will be able to identify the seven continents and their locations.
Grade Level:  3rd grade
Background Information:  My name is LaShonda Holloway, and I am a third grade teacher at North Augusta Elementary School located in Aiken County in the state of South Carolina.  I teach a group of 21 heterogeneously grouped students who are intrinsically different.  Therefore, I use many different modalities of learning to accommodate their needs individually and as a group.  The Unit that I will be teaching will be about the Seven Continents.  However, I will focus on Within my unit of the Seven continents, I will accommodate each learning style of my students.

Interesting Links to Seven Continents:

National Geographic has an excellent site for both students and teachers.  It is easy to use and filled with great ideas for teachers and wonderful learning tools for students.  You will have access to 600 printable maps of the world!

World atlas and Geography Facts
This web site gives several interesting facts about the seven continents including the continent size, population, and different maps of the seven continents.

The Seven Continents
This web site is a wonderful location for children to learn and "travel" the world to different places on the globe.

Geography and oceans quiz printout
This web site is a great link to test how much you actually know about the seven continents.

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