Locating and Identifying the Seven Continents

Grade Level:  3rd grade
Background Information:  My name is LaShonda Holloway, and I am a third grade teacher at North Augusta Elementary School located in Aiken County in the state of South Carolina.  I teach a group of 21 heterogeneously grouped students who are intrinsically different.  Therefore, I use many different modalities of learning to accommodate their needs individually and as a group.  The Unit that I will be teaching will be about the Seven Continents.  Within my unit of the Seven continents, I will accommodate each learning style of my students.

Lesson:  Identifying and locating the seven continents (Gardner's Multiple Intelligence that the students will be using is visual/spatial.)
Lesson Objective:  The students will be able to identify the seven continents and their locations using prepositional phrases, the distance scale, in relation to the hemispheres, and using latitude and longitude.


Inform your students that today's lesson will be on identifying and locating the seven continents.  The teacher will read the book My World and Globe by Ira Wolfman.  After reading, the teacher will discuss the book content with the students.  She will inform the students of what a continent is and what is means to find the location of a continent.  To help the students remember the seven continents, the teacher will teach the students the song/poem, Seven Continents with movements to enhance their interest in the continents.  The teacher will inform the students that location of the continents will be found in many different ways such as:  through prepositional phrases, cardinal direction, and the location in relation to the hemispheres. (You may also want to teach about the location of the continents using the distance scale.)  The teacher will explain each of these concepts to the students.  Using each method to identify the location, the teacher will use the game, Ms. Holloway Says (Very similar to Simon Says), to describe the location of each continent.  The students will determine the location of each continent using prepositional phrases such as:  top/middle/bottom; beside/between; left/right; near/far.  The teacher will then draw a compass rose on the board, explaining the four major directions (north, south, east, and west) and the directions between the major directions.  The teacher will ask volunteers to point out southwest, northeast, southeast, and northwest on the compass rose board.  Once the students have a clear understanding of compass directions, the teacher will locate each continent in relation to the hemispheres.  At the end of the lesson, the teacher will review the objective and ensure that the students have a clear understanding of the names and locations of the seven continents.


The teacher will assess the students by having the students to name all of the seven continents, and labeling a map of the seven continents.

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